Bad Checks and Broadway!

2014-03-07 11.47.23

This past weekend Blue Chelsea participated in the Funky Find Spring Fling held in the Poultry barn at the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Ft. Worth. An eclectic mix of vendors hawking their handmade items this show will be one for the memory book. We met quite a character at the Garage Sale next door where we bought some Blue Chelsea type materials, who wrote us two sketchy looking checks for our jewelry. We wanted to trust her, but when she started telling us that she’d tell Sarah Jessica Parker about our jewelry and that Liza Minnelli was her best friend, danger lights started flashing. I called the bank on the check and found out that account had been closed. Of course we had already given her $25 “change” because the checks were written for more than the total. We are very trusting folks. Anyhoo, we got our product back but not the $25 because when we went back over to her booth she had taken off. Classic. Sad really. So the question is whether we continue to accept checks and call the bank on each one before a customer leaves or just have a no check policy. What would you do?

Bad checks aside it was a great show and we had many happy customers, including some repeats, Hi Megan and Cindy.

P2060787Happy Customer1Happy Customer3 MeganHappy Customer2

Throughout the day our helper Stacy just couldn’t help trying on piece after piece.  And every single one looked gorgeous on her.


We had so much fun together, especially on the 4 hour drive home.  Stacy introduced us to the joy that is Broadway All-Stars Radio on Pandora.  How did it know we love Les Miz?  Believe me, the cars around us could “hear the people sing”.

Until next time!


Adorningly Yours!

Blue Chelsea Treasures


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